2023 Trail Guide

This first edition of the Rotary’s Trail Guide for the Croton and Ossining area relies heavily upon the good work of the Village of Croton in publishing information about local parks and trails. Thank you. The full Parks, Open Space and Trails Guide can be found on the Village website. Go to www.crotononhudson-ny.gov/  and search for “trail map.”

The Croton Rotary Club hopes that this Trail Guide will become a community sourced project, with readers commenting on the trails of our list and suggesting other paths and trails that may not be listed. All suggestions for The Guide should be emailed to rotaryofcroton@gmail.com  

We hope the information that follows will inspire readers to get out and explore the natural beauty that the area has to offer!



The Jane E. Lytle Arboretum

10 Fox Road (off Lounsbury), Croton, NY 10520

The Jane E. Lytle Arboretum is a Town of Cortlandt facility that provides a variety of walking trails, including a handicap accessible trail, through wildlife habitats on 22 acres of woods and wetlands. The Arboretum is open 7 days a week, 365 days a year.



Croton Gorge Trail

198 Truesdale Drive, Croton, NY 10520

Croton Gorge Trail is a half-mile wooded Westchester County hiking trail along the north side of the Croton River ravine. It is accessible from either the Silver Lake parking lot, 198 Truesdale Drive, Croton 10520 or at the end of Cleveland Drive. A spur trail takes you down to the historic Quaker Bridge over the Croton River and up to the Old Croton Aqueduct Trail.


The Graff Sanctuary (Saw Mill River Audubon Sanctuary)

99 Briggs Lane, Croton, NY 10520

Graff Sanctuary is a protected woodland ridge overlooking the Hudson River along Furnace Dock Road just outside Croton in the Town of Cortlandt. Along the three short trails at Graff Sanctuary are many beautiful trees and several interesting rock formations, including glacial erratics, large boulders left behind when glacial ice moved through the Hudson Valley a few years back. There are also stone structures from the time of early European settlement.

Info at www.sawmillriveraudubon.org/graff/ 


The Brinton Brook Sanctuary (Saw Mill River Audubon Sanctuary)

1339 Albany Post Road (Route 9A) Croton, NY 10520

The Brinton Brook Sanctuary covers 156 acres and offers over four miles of hiking trails through a variety of habitats. The Audubon Society offers a free guided walk every second Saturday starting 9:00 AM at the main parking area, located about a half mile up a narrow road from Route 9A. The trails through the Sanctuary are well maintained but rough. There are no restrooms or other public facilities at either Graff or Brinton Brook Sanctuary.



The Upper Village Trail Loop

1 Van Wyck Street, Croton, NY 10520

The Upper Village Trail Loop is a 1.75 mile trail that starts across from the Croton Village Municipal Building at 1 Van Wyck Street and ends at Symphony Knolls on Mount Airy Road. The trail also connects to Brinton Brook Sanctuary and the Arboretum.


The Highland Trail

Arrowcrest Rd, Croton, NY 10520

The Highland Trail is part of the Croton-on-Hudson Village Trail System, a scenic wooded trail that skirts the Hudson National Golf Course to reach one of the highest points in Croton, offering sweeping panoramic views of the Hudson River. It ties into the Arboretum trails and the Upper Village Trail Loop. Trailheads can be accessed from either the end of Arrowcrest Road or at the Arboretum during daylight hours.



Oscawana Island Nature Preserve

123 Cortlandt Street, Croton, NY 10520

Oscawana Island Nature Preserve is the site of a short trail through a low lying landscape where Furnace Brook meets the Hudson.



Oscawana Park

123 Cortlandt Street, Croton, NY 10520

McAndrews Estate Loop at Oscawana Park is a 1.8 mile trail above the Hudson River





The Croton Landing River Walk

Elliot Way, Croton, NY 10520

The Croton Landing River Walk is located at Croton Landing Park, a Village park at the end of Elliot Way in Croton. It stretches a mile and a quarter along the Hudson River north of the neighboring Croton Yacht Club. The wide, paved path curves along the shore of this tidal river, past soccer fields, marshes, and lagoons, ending at the site of a striking Memorial to local heroes of the 9-11 attack on the World Trade Center.

The Croton Landing River Walk connects to a series of walking paths and sidewalks that pass Senasqua Park and the Croton Sailing School, paralleling Elliot Way to its intersection with Half Moon Bay Drive. Perfect view of the Hudson the whole way along.


The Waterfront Esplanade

Half Moon Bay, Croton, NY 10520

The Waterfront Esplanade extends the river walk from Croton Landing to a somewhat narrow paved path through the Half Moon Bay Condominium Community, continuing south along the banks of the Hudson. At the end of the Esplanade, the trail connects to the Croton Point Park trail network. The Esplanade is open to Croton residents. No wheeled vehicles other than strollers are allowed. Parking is available at the Half Moon Bay gatehouse, 80 Half Moon Bay Drive, Croton 10520.


Croton Point Park

1 Croton Point Avenue, Croton, NY 10520

Croton Point Park is a 504-acre County-operated park that offers tent and RV campsites, picnicking, five miles of hiking trails, and a swimming beach. The Park is also home to a model aircraft facility that includes a paved landing strip.

Croton Point is a Westchester County Park located within the boundary of Croton-on-Hudson. Approximately 150 acres of the park consists of reclaimed landfills that rise more than fifty feet above the Hudson. The site now attracts eagles and other raptors as well as a large number of songbird species.

Elsewhere in the park there are human artifacts such as abandoned wine cellars, and at the southern point of the peninsula, where the flow from the Croton River meets the Hudson, a deep midden of oyster shells speaks to the ancient activities of Native Americans in the area.

There is a $10-per-vehicle admission fee at Croton Point Park between Memorial Day and Labor Day. Senior discount available.



The Westchester River Walk

Croton River Crossing/Croton Harmon Metro Station, Croton, NY 10520

The Westchester River Walk connects the Croton River Crossing (and the Croton Harmon Metro Train Station) to Croton Point Park by way of a Croton Point Avenue bridge over the rail lines. The sidewalk accommodates pedestrian traffic. Bicyclists use the roadway.


Croton Aqueduct Trail

35 Yorktown Road in Croton, NY 10520

Croton Aqueduct Trail is a tree-lined 26.2-mile trail maintained by the State of New York that follows the route of the original aqueduct from Croton Dam to Manhattan. The trail offers glimpses of historic and architectural treasures. Walkers and runners share the trail with bicyclists. Some sections of the trail are stony and rough; others are paved and suitable for a stroller.

The Aqueduct Trail can be accessed at several points along its path on the south side of the Croton River and through the Village of Ossining. Wheelchair access to a portion of the trail can be found at Westchester County’s Croton Gorge Park located at 35 Yorktown Road in Croton at the base of the massive New Croton Dam. Summer entrance fee is $10 per car. (There is a senior discount.)

Visitors to the Croton Dam can also park for free above the dam, in a lot off Route 129, and access the top of the dam. The now closed roadway across the dam is paved. The pathway from the parking area to the dam (about a quarter mile) is a wide gravel surface. On the far side of the dam is a connection to the Aqueduct Trail.



The Croton River Crossing

Croton Point Ave/North Highland Ave, Ossining, NY 10562

The Croton River Crossing is a one-mile paved path maintained by Westchester County that crosses the Croton River, providing a bicycle and pedestrian connection between Croton and Ossining. It runs parallel to Route 9 between Croton Point Avenue and North Highland Avenue in Ossining. It’s a noisy three quarters of a mile, but on one side there is a beautiful view of the Croton River estuary. 


Briarcliff Peekskill Trailway

Ryder Road, Ossining, NY 10562

Briarcliff Peekskill Trailway is a 12-mile linear park maintained by Westchester County that runs from the town of Ossining north to Westchester County’s Blue Mountain Reservation in Peekskill. The trailway affords walkers many beautiful vistas along the way, including views of water cascading over the magnificent stone spillway at Westchester County’s Croton Gorge Park and a view of the Hudson River from the 560-foot high Spitzenberg Mountain at Blue Mountain Reservation. The Briarcliff Peekskill Trailway can be accessed from Ryder Road on the east side of Route 9A. Parking is possible in the residential neighborhood to the west of 9A. The Trailway can also be easily accessed from Teatown.



Sing Sing Kill Greenway

95 Broadway, Ossining, NY 10562

Sing Sing Kill Greenway is a concrete walkway that runs down the Sing Sing Kill gorge. It’s about a third of a mile long. The walkway is only accessible for wheelchairs at the Ossining Community Center, 95 Broadway in Ossining 10562. The Central Avenue end of the trail has steps.



Teatown Lake Reservation

1600 Spring Valley Road, Ossining, NY 10562

Teatown Lake Reservation is an education center and membership organization located on a 1,000-acre nature preserve in the Lower Hudson Valley. Teatown maintains fourteen trails that traverse diverse terrain and habitats, including abundant fields, mixed hardwood forests, laurel groves, lakes, streams, swamps and farmland. The trails are not paved and range from easy/novice to moderately difficult. The trails connect to the Briarcliff Peekskill Trailway and the Croton Aqueduct Trail.





Charles Point Waterfront Trailway

Buchanan, NY 10511, ending in Peekskill, NY 10566

Charles Point Waterfront Trailway is a 3.9-mile trail maintained by the City of Peekskill that goes from Lents Cove Park, (where Broadway turns to John Walsh Boulevard in Buchanan 10511) to Charles Point Park, 1 John Walsh Boulevard, Peekskill10566 and continues down toward the River Front Green Park, 1 Robin Drive in Peekskill 10566. There are three designated handicap accessible spaces in the paved parking lot off Hudson Avenue in the middle of the Peekskill portion of the trail. One of them is van-accessible. The trail surface is paved asphalt or concrete sidewalk and typically at least four feet wide.